Our Nido Commitment to you


Now more than ever, our eyes are on the future of the planet and its people. We know that those who live with us will shape tomorrow. You’re going to make the world kinder, healthier and smarter. You’ve told us what’s important to you at this time, and we are making it happen.


Nido Flexibility Commitment

No Place? No Course? No Pay

As part of our commitment to you, we understand that your path to university education is looking slightly different come September, which is why we’ve implemented our No Risk Booking Policy to help you have security of your home away from home during uncertain times. Our no risk booking policy allows:

  • If you don’t get a place at university or your course doesn’t run due to covid-19, we will cancel your booking without charge.
  • If you are unable to start your Nido stay due to Covid-19 travel restrictions in Ireland or your home country, you will not be charged for your unused room.

To be eligible for this policy you need to inform us in writing by the 1st September 2020 latest.

To find out more about our No Risk Booking Policy, Terms & Conditions and the residences it applies to, please click below:



Nido Care and Cleanliness Commitment
Cleanliness and safety, with you in mind

  • You’ll see us more often in high traffic communal areas, cleaning and sanitising high touch items. Think door handles, tabletops, lift buttons, exit buttons – all will be getting our undivided attention
  • Social distancing is still important to keep everyone healthy, so we will ask you to limit the number of people in common spaces at any one time.
  • For your safety, we will be adding floor stickers showing you the right distances to be apart and reconfigured layouts to maximise use of communal areas, whilst maintaining a safe distance.
  • The new cleaning schedule will be published for you to see, and if your room needs an extra deep clean, you can book add on cleaning services via reception for a fixed fee per hour. This is building specific so speak to a member of our reception team to arrange this service.


Nido Safety and Security Commitment

Supporting our team so they can support you

  • All our in-house teams will adhere to the latest government guidelines and safety measures.
  • When in our buildings you will see hand sanitiser stations dotted around – feel free to use these, as they’re for your safety and ours.
  • We’ve launched our COVID-19 informative campaign which you will see in action in our buildings and signs posted in all public areas and elevators, with a new welcome pack provided upon check-in which includes relevant information and key contacts.
  • If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please self-isolate and let a member of our team know so we can support you as best we can and get you access to the healthcare as required.
  • Nido is big on security and safety, at all times. Our buildings have 24/7 CCTV footage and night concierge in our larger buildings to keep you safe. There is a dedicated phone number for residents to call should they need anything out of reception hours.


Nido Community Commitment
Let’s meet, connect and thrive

  • We know being part of a community brings comfort and happiness and we know now more than ever it is crucial to support you in joining your new Nido community when you move in with us.
    • We know this because half of our Nido residents are happy with and agree there is a strong sense of community in Nido residences which is higher than all the average benchmarks in the 2020 NSHS survey.
  • This upcoming Academic year, your Nido community and experience will look slightly different, but we will ensure you can easily connect with your new community at Nido through:
    • Adapting our common spaces to still be enjoyed with your new friends, at a distance and with the right number of people to stay safe.
    • Our virtual events programme will continue to run, until we can deliver them in person.
    • A ‘virtual’ check in event and plenty of other opportunities to get to know your new neighbours.
    • Meet your R.A’s and residence team across sessions throughout the year so you know who to speak to on how to get the best out of your Nido experience.
    • Join your private FB group to meet, mix and mingle with your neighbours at your own pace or dip in and dip out as you see fit.


Nido Wellbeing Commitment

Your wellbeing comes first, always

  • We will be here to help you get settled into your new home, get to know your local area and support you throughout your Nido experience to make sure it’s beyond your expectations.
  • Our team has had significant training and are equipped to support our resident’s wellbeing.
  • You will receive regular communications from us with updates and news we think you want to hear about on a range of topics.
  • We understand that self-isolating and distancing measures can leave you feeling lonely, which is why we have a dedicated programme of wellbeing initiatives and events which you can take part in virtually and eventually in person including:
  • Yoga and meditation, fitness classes how to stay motivated amongst others.
    • According to the recent NSHS survey results over 66% of students living in Nido sites say their accommodation has had some form of positive impact. Meanwhile 70% agreed that Nido cares about their wellbeing.
  • Brand partners that offer you discounts locally and nationally, to help you make the most of your university experience whilst being wallet friendly.
  • We’ve partnered with Time for Change to continue to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and giving you access to their wealth of online resources.


Nido Design & Tech Commitment

Contactless is the new normal

  • We recognise that now more than ever that technology is a necessity. We want to create a smarter lifestyle for our Nido community through design and technology.
  • We’ve redesigned our spaces to accommodate for social distancing measures so you can still make use of common spaces including study areas, gaming rooms, shared kitchens, the gym, laundry facilities and kitchens.
  • Staying connected with friends and loved ones is more important now than ever, so we’ve upgraded our Wifi to bring you speeds up to 200 mbps and Wifi available throughout the entire building that can connect up to 6 devices at any one time – perfect for online lectures or catching up with friends.
    • Not to brag but over 84% of all NSHS respondents voted our Wifi as top notch.
  • We are launching new and enhanced digital initiatives to put you in control of your experience with us – from check-in to entering your room, we’ve gone contactless so you can sign all your forms before you join us, your welcome book will be sent to you digitally and you will find your ‘how to use guide’ for your room will be available to view at your own pace online.


We will continue to focus on and enhance the safety and wellbeing of our Nido community using the latest research, technology and innovation. If there is something you’d like to see here that we haven’t included, let us know on marketing.ie@nidostudent.com.